Frequently Asked Questions

What is A Pear is a Pear?

Pear is a brand-new, online literary magazine that serves as a platform for emerging writers and established writers alike.

What does Pear publish?

Pear publishes poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, prose, art, and photography. There currently is not a theme for submissions, with the only emphasis being put on excellence of the craft.

Who can submit to Pear?

Anybody who follows the submission guidelines can submit to Pear.

Who are the editors?

Brianna Fay is the current editor for A Pear is a Pear. You can find her website here.

Do contributors get paid?

At this time, A Pear is a Pear is unable to pay its contributors. We aim to change that by the release of our second issue. The goal has always been to pay contributors.

What about copyright?

Upon acceptance to Pear, contributors will be agreeing to First North American Serial Copyright. All rights will revert back to the author after publication.

Where can I find previous issues of A Pear is a Pear?

The first issue of A Pear is a Pear will be released in September, 2023. It will be an online issue.

Does Pear accept previously published work?

Pear does not accept previously published work at this time.

What about simultaneous submissions?

We allow simultaneous submissions, we just ask that we are notified if your work is accepted elsewhere.

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